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Get a better deal for credit cards, car finance, personal loans, secured loans and mortgages

Find information on UK personal loans, UK Credit cards, Secured Loans, Mortgages from UK lenders.

A guide for people who have problem credit histories and much more information.

Shop around for a better deal on your finances and you could save thousands of pounds over time.

For information on types of car finance, a directory of lenders or companies who can help you get a new car even if you have a problem credit rating
For information on getting the best deals on your credit cards. How to make the most of 0% finance offers and reducing interest on your existing credit cards

For information on personal loans and secured lending products available.

Also information on your credit rating and what to do if you have had past problems

If you are looking to re mortgage or move home then this section of our site can save you money. We explain the different types of mortgage and include a directory of lenders who may be able to help regardless of your circumstances





















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