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Guide to mortgages

If you have had your mortgage with the same lender for a few years there is a good chance that you could be paying hundreds or even thousands more than you need to. Nobody enjoys paying the mortgage so why pay more than you need.

We have put together a guide to understanding the different types of mortgages available and some useful contacts to see if you can save money by switching

In simplistic terms a mortgage is just like any other loan except it is secured on your home i.e. if you do not keep up with the repayments eventually the lender could re-possess your home.

There are a number of different type of mortgage and we will guide you through each of them.

However, before making any decision it is worth getting advice from a professional. Nothing on this site should be construed as advice and we take no responsibility for any action you take based on the information provided.

There are two elements of a mortgage. The first is the interest, the amount you have to pay for borrowing the money. Dependent on the type of mortgage you choose this can vary. The second part is the capital (the amount you borrowed). Basically on or before the end of your mortgage you have to pay this back
























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